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 High-end LED Display    
Compared with the traditional display product, the energy-saving product that Liantronics specifically designs for this project reduces power consumption by 50% and has passed the inspection by the national inspection authorities. The product has the following technical features:
  • Including: PH10,PH12,PH14,PH16,PH20,PH22,PH25,PH32,etc.
  • Brightness uniformity less then 5%, and maximum uniformity can reach 1%.
  • Online pixel inspection fuction: inspect each disabled pixel and remote transmission.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment: adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient brightness, thus avoiding the waste of brightness and reducing power consumption.
  • Large horizontal and vertical viewing angle.
  • LED moudle can remain constant in the high and low temperature environment.
  • LED moudles have five-year warranty.
  • Gray scale of 16 bits, and contrast of 1000:1.
  • No water standing and no dust accumulating.
  • Use the switching power supply with the efficiency of more than 85%, and provide the correction function with the power factor of more than 0.95, thus reducing power consumption of the power supply.
  • Use upgraded full color control system.
  • Energy saving and environment protection.
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