LS Series

Thinner & Lighter with Wider Range

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Thinner & Slimmer Design Saves Your Cost

30% lighter than traditional panels, LS panels lower down your transportation and labor cost.

Wider Views Cover More Audience

160-degree viewing angle with natural & vivid image presentation covers more viewers for better promotion.

Higher Protection Frees Wrapped Frames

Unique module design with totally-enclosed back shells allows LS panel to achieve high protection of IP65/IP54 and to be assembled into large walls without overall wrapped frames.

Easier Front/Rear Maintenance with Quick Locks

Modules, power and system card can be maintained from the front or rear. Quick locks simply module removal and improve maintenance efficiency.

Aluminum Cooling Fin for Better Heat Dissipation

Aluminum cooling fin makes current distribution more even, which is helpful for better heat dissipation and long-time stable operation.

Model LS6 LS10
Pixel Pitch(mm) 6.6 10
Brightness(nits) 5000-5500
Weight(kg/㎡) 36
Panel Size(inch) 50.4(W)×37.8(H)×4.9(D)
Panel Size (mm) 1280(W)×960(H)×125(D)