CW Series

Indoor Rental LED Display

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CW Series--Light As Cicada's Swing

Ultra Thin and Light LED Display with flexible mintenance & installation

Liantronics rental led signage
led advertising board with excellent display effect
Excellent Display Effect

Seamless splicing. High flatness. High contrast ratio. High refresh rate. High color saturation.

Flexible Maintenance & Installation

Modules can be maintained from front or rear. Power box supports quick installation and disassembly.

led wall rental support flexible maintenance & installation
led wall rental detail
All Details Facilitate High Efficiency

Rotate the angle lock to quickly switch the splicing angle, improving the installation speed by 40%.

Curved Shape Available

High-precision angle locks of ±6°, ±3°, 0° to assemble the LED walls into curved, straight, & round shapes.

Curved Shape Available rental led video wall
digital sign board | High-Reliability Wireless Integration
High-Reliability Wireless Integration

Modules are directly connected with the magnesium die-casting cabinet for better cooling effect, bringing more stable and reliable operation.

Model CW2.6
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.6
Panel Resolution(Pixel) 192*192
Panel Size(mm) 500(W)*500(H)
Panel Weight(kg/pcs) 6.4
Brightness(cd/㎡) 900
Serviceability Rear
* Please kindly note that product specifications may vary according to different configurations. All rights reserved.

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