MPA ProⅡ Series

Outdoor Small-pitch

Fixed LED Display

MPA ProⅡ Series

Outdoor Small-pitch Fixed LED Display

Die-casting Aluminum Panel

· High-precision cutting for high flatness

· 29kg/㎡ lightweight panel design for effortless single-person handling and save transportation and labor costs

Eye-catching Visuals

· Excellent heat dissipation for ultra-high color consistency

· Support black LEDs for ultra-high contrast ratio

· Optional DHR (Deformation and High-temperature Resistance) masks (for P2.6 & P2.9 models) eliminate warped and bulged masks and side-view black spots

Dual Backups with High Brightness as Ever

Support backups of power supply and receiving cards to ensure high stability, and yet without compromising brightness

IP65 High Protection

· IP65 rated from both front and rear

· Support IP66 higher protection

· Magnetic module design with safety ropes

Creative Splicing

· Mixed splicing between different-sized panels

· 45° bevel-cut modules & panels for L-shaped seamless splicing

· Mixed splicing with E-Corner Series for round corner shapes

Easy Installation & Maintenance

· Support direct wall mounting with finished screen as thin as 90mm

· Optional fast locks for quick installation

· All panel parts support both front & rear maintenance

· Left-right universal modules reduce spare costs

· Support smart module function for pixel inspection and auto data retrieval after module replacement

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