Broadcasting Studio

Display Solution


LianTronics dedicated broadcasting studio LED solution adopts high-resolution LED walls as the content presentation carrier and integrates the virtual & reality combination, virtual implantation, large-screen packaging, online packaging, convergence media access, streaming media newsfeed, data visualization and more into one. It has achieved the-next-level improvement in generating the atmosphere, diversifying the information, strengthening the communication between TV hosts/news anchors and interviewees/on-the-spot reporters, and interacting with the audiences, which greatly enhances the information interactivity and selectivity, giving strong visual impacts to the audiences and bringing revolutionary transformation for program presentation.


  • Broadcasting of news & programs

    LianTronics ultra-high-definition large screen adopts unique NTSC broadcast-level color gamut imaging technology and nanosecond-level display technology to ensure the perfect presentation of media content.

  • Combination of virtual & reality

    Combined with the virtual broadcasting system, all objects in the scene are displayed in a three-dimensional mode and can be dynamically adjusted such as rotation, movement, scaling, and deformation to enrich the realism and liveliness of the broadcasting scene.

  • Visualization of data & charts

    With the visualization of various subtitles, graphics, charts, diagrams, trend charts and other data, the host can interpret more vividly, allowing the audience to understand more intuitively and deeply.

  • Interconnection of multiple windows

    Multiple video wall screens being playing different contents simultaneously, the host/news anchors can interact with on-the-spot reporters in real time, effectively enhancing the liveness and interactivity of the programs.

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