Digital Media

Display Solution


LianTronics digital media display solutions are widely applied in outdoor advertising of transportation hubs, creative commercial advertising of tall buildings, outdoor advertising of sports events, retail store advertising, etc. Providing viewers with advertisement broadcasting, atmosphere generation, information transmission, brand promotion, interactive experience and more, LianTronics digital media display solutions facilitate concentrating attention from more audiences and delivering brand value to more potential customers.


  • Vivid advertisement broadcasting

    Ultra-high refresh rate & grayscale, and brightness & chroma pixel-to-pixel calibration technology allow the displaying pictures more realistic and satisfy the real-time advertisement broadcasting in high clarity on various occasions.

  • Creative brand promotion

    Creative screen splicing with excellent display effect integrates the LED wall and brand delivery into one to bring strong visual impact to viewers, opening a brand-new window for communication between brands and customers.

  • Immersive interaction experience

    In the combination with advanced technologies like VR, AR and 3D, immersive interaction between LED walls and viewers can be achieved to create more atmosphere and fun, which attracts more traffic and generate more profit to the business.

  • Real-time information delivery

    The clustered cloud control system technology can remotely and efficiently manage and control multiple LED display screens, allowing the published content to be changed as needed and to be updated in real time.

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