SLG Series

UEFA-Compliant Stadium Perimeter LED Display

SLG Series UEFA-Compliant Perimeter LED Display

UEFA compliance design for well applied in different sports venue;

Quadruple protection to highly reduce player injury risks;

Larger size, higher installation efficiency and less labor cost;

Fast interlocks help lock-and-go high-speed splicing;

Support both front & rear maintenance

Protection for Players

Rubber pads and the module soft mask can keep the athletes safe from sharp objects while protecting the LED display. With a special design, the perimeter screen can be pushed to both sides quickly to form an exit as an emergency access.

Dollies for Fast Installation

SLG Series supports dollies the same size as the cabinet for fast transportation. Moreover, two dollies allow up-down stacking to save space and one-press disassembly to save installation time.

Never Blackout

N+1 power backup and receiving card dual backup can keep the screen running steadily and efficiently.

Superb Picture Quality

The 7680Hz high refresh rate and 6000:1 contrast ratio ensure consistently smooth playback. 6000nits brightness and 140° horizontal view remain perfect in-camera visuals during live streaming or broadcast.

Waterproof Protection

The screen’s front and back are IP65-rated to provide all-around protection for all weather conditions.

Ultra-Slim & Light

112mm ultra-thin cabinets with light weight to 29kg/㎡ reduce transportation and labor costs.

Fast Installation & Maintenance

Panels can be fast installed and disassembled benefited from the fast uniqueinterlock & the lightweight design. Front and rear maintenance improves cabinet'srepair efficiency.

Model SLG6.25 SLG8.3 SLG10.0 SLG12.5
Pixel Pitch(mm) 6.25 8.3 10 12.5*10
Panel Size W*H*D(mm) 2000*900*112 2000*900*112 2000*900*112 2000*900*112
Panel Resolution(Pixel) 320*144 240*108 200*90 160*90
Panel Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight (Kg/㎡) 29 29 29 29
Brightness (nits) 6000 6000 6000 6000
Serviceability Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Rear
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