MPA Mini Series

High Protection & Definition Outdoor

Small-Pitch LED Display

MPA Mini Series

High Protection & Definition Outdoor Small-Pitch LED Display

Patented DHR Mask, Professional Design

The patented DHR (Deformation and High-temperature Resistance) Mask is specially designed for outdoor small-pitch products to solve the problems of warped and bulged masks resulted from high temperature, lamp failure caused by extrusion of deformed masks, and black spots in the side view.

Higher Precision, Greater Flatness

One-piece molded die-casting aluminum cabinets ensure high precision for high flatness, good for P1.X outdoor small-pitch LED display splicing; Sturdy die-casting aluminum shells resist distortion well in the high temperature.

Stunning HD Display

Super-high contrast ratio, 4500nits high brightness, and 3840Hz high refresh rate guarantee colorful & gorgeous HD/4K/8K display. Meanwhile MPA Mini supports HDR display to create exquisite & sharp picture quality for a close viewing.

IP69K Full Protection

Specific IP69K extreme high protection can withstand the flushing of high pressure and hightemperature water to suit all cruel conditions, enhancing the screen’s lifespan.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Fast lock enables the hassle-free installation to increase efficiency; Front & rear maintenance are available to fit in various outdoor application scenarios; Supports mixed splicing with MPA Pro Series to offer higher flexibility.

Reliable Stability

Optional dual backup for power supply and receiving card solves the LED wall blackout problem; Excellent heat dissipation and hidden wiring also ensure daily safe and stable operation.

Model MPA Mini2.6 MPA Mini2.9
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.6 2.9
Panel Size W×H×D (mm) 500x500x80 500x500x80
Panel Resolution W×H 192x192 168x168
Panel Material Die-Casting Aluminum Die-Casting Aluminum
Weight (Kg/pc) 10 10
Brightness (nits) 4500 4500
Serviceability Front / Rear Front / Rear
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