VT Series 

Full Flip Chip on Board (COB) LED Display

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LianTronics Next-Generation COB LED Display

Self-develop COB packaging technology

Full flip chip on board

Self-built production line for scale production

FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls
A Vision to the Future

Breaking through limitation of traditional packaging, VT Series has achieved ultra-finer pixel pitch below 1.0mm to produce crystal-clear images free of moire effect and over 10000:1 high contrast ratio for precise vibrant colors.

All-Around Protection digital display board
Unprecedented Broad Views

Advanced full flip-chip packaging ensures softer luminance and brings 170+° wide views with immaculate image quality in high uniformity from any angle.

digital billboards excellent heat dissipation
Reinforced All-Around Protection

Low-LED-failure-rate modules feature outstanding anti-collision capacity and waterproof resined surface; One-piece molded back shell conspires to provide high protection all around.

Hassle-Free LED Display
Exceptional Stability

Cabinet-and-module-level wireless connection grants high transmission stability and hassle-free installation; Redundancy of power supply, receiving card, power & network cables further minimize downtime and guarantee long-lasting stable broadcasting.

Liantronics cob led temperature comparative advantage
Excellent Heat Dissipation, Excellent User Experience

Attach-to-shell power supply and optimal circuit board layout bring excellent heat dissipation, lower surface temperature, and more stable operation, improving the user experience significantly.

fine-pitch LED wall's overall working performance.
Quadruple Energy-Saving Technology

Adopted common cathode technology and high-efficiency light-emitting chips reduce power consumption by 40%; Dynamic energy efficiency and smart standby mode further improve energy efficiency.

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