MPA Pro Series

Outdoor Fixed LED Display.

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Multiple sizes, more choices
multiple size choice for digital billboard
outdoor led screen with outdoor led screen with convenient front&rear maintenance
Total front/rear maintenance
Ultra-light and ultra-thin, save the cost of steel structure and installation
  • High-end module
  • Aluminum sealed panel
ultra-thin&light compact outlook
outdoor led display | mixed splicing for mainstream resolution
Mixed splicing is supported
Super stable, high protection, it can work outdoor for all-weather
led signage outdoor | high-protection resisits any harsh weather
Model MPA Pro 2.6 MPA Pro 3.9 MPA Pro 4.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.6 3.9 4.8
Panel Resolution 192*192/192*288/192*384 128*128/128*192/128*256 104*104/104*156/104*208
Panel Size(mm) 500*500/500*750/500*1000
Module Size(mm) 250*250
Module Resolution 96*96 64*64 52*52
Panel Weight(kg/㎡) ≤32 ≤32 ≤32
Brightness(nits) 4500-5000 4500-5000 4500-5000
Panel Material

Profile aluminum



* Please kindly note that product specifications may vary according to different configurations. All rights reserved.

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