transparent led display
LWQ Series 

Holographic Transparent LED Screen

Holographic Transparent LED Screen

Ultra-high Transparency

Crisp Pictures, 3D Effects

Ultra-thin & Light

Bendable Panels

FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls
Ultra-high Transparency

High transparency up to 90% with unobstructed sight and lighting

Real full transparent LED screen without splicing structures

Seamless splicing and invisible on the back

Crisp Pictures, 3D Effects

Static scan: Integrated LED lamps and driver IC for stable display

16 bit grayscale for fine & delicate images

High-brightness and high contrast ratio, no fear of direct sunlight

Astonishing 3D effects with holographic images even through flat screens

Ultra-thin & Light

Module thickness less than 2 mm, perfect fit to glass

Lightweight design for easy transportation to save your installation time

Bendable Panels

Panels can be bent flexibly and be spliced into any size according to installation needs.

Various Installation, Flexible Choices

LWQ Series supports various installations, including on-glass, hanging, and stacking.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Directly attached to the front or back of glass without damaging the original building structure or affecting indoor lighting

Lightweight design makes transportation and installation easier to save installation costs

Simple single-lamp maintenance lowers repair costs

Model LWQ3.9 LWQ6.25 LWQ10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9 6.25 10
Transparency 75% 85% 90%
Panel Size W*H (mm) 1500*250 / 1000*250 1500*250 1500*250
Panel Type SMD SMD SMD
Weight (Kg/㎡) ≤3 ≤3 ≤3
Brightness (nits) 800-4500 800-4500 1500-5000
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840
Installation On-glass / Hanging / Stacking
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