VA MIN Series

Indoor Curved Fine-Pitch LED Display

LianTronics VA MIN Series LED Display

Indoor Curved Fine-Pitch LED Display

Soft & Flexible Module

With pliable modules composed of silicone back shells, VA MIN Series enables multi-angle concave or convex curving, making it well adaptive to various spaces.

High Flatness, Outstanding Quality

Different from conventional flexible modules that are easily nonadhesive or warping after high-strength bending, VA MIN Series allows an exceptionally high flatness with strong magnetic adhesion.

Strong Curving Capacity for Creative Display

While maintaining a smooth and delicate display, VA MIN Series can be spliced into 45° concave and 90° convex shapes, expanding the possibilities for various creative shapes like naked-eye 3D visuals.

Mixed Splicing, Fast Installation

VA MIN Series supports seamless spliced with VAII Series LED display to deliver smooth curvature transition, and what’more, featuring higher installation efficiency compared with LED walls that completely installed by flexible modules.

Front Maintenance, Space Saving

Fully front-maintenance eliminates the need to reserve a rear access channel, which reduces installation space needs and facilitates installation in a variety of scenarios.

Superb Display for Visual Feast

Featuring 8000:1 high contrast ratio & 160°+ ultra-wide viewable angle, VA MIN Series brings high-clarity display and can be visible from different angles without reflection.

Model VA MIN1.2(Concave Cabinet) VA MIN1.2(Convex Cabinet)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.2 1.2
Panel Size W×H×D (mm) 600x675 300x675
Panel Resolution W×H 480x540 240x540
Brightness (nits) 600 600
Serviceability Front Front
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