Hercules Series

10000nits Extreme-High-Brightness

Outdoor LED Display Board

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Hot-Selling Outdoor LED Digital Billboard -- Hercules Series

Up to 10000nits high brightness yet high energy efficiency

Ultra-thin & light design for cost & labor saving

Friendly front & rear accessible maintenance

Direct wall-mounting supported

Various sizes for high-flexibility customization

IP65 high protection to survive well in outdoors

digital billboards for sale
multiple protection for outdoor LED display board
Unrivaled Brightness

Up to 10000nits high brightness ensures sharp and natural-looking images even under direct sunlight or complex outdoor ambient light.

Easy to Maintain

All components support both front and rear maintenance.

 outdoor led display maintenance and installation
energy-friendly outdoor led display board
Ideal Choice for OOH Billboard

Designed to be thinner and lighter to save costs with high spatial adaptability, Hercules Series features high energy efficiency to improve commercial value for your outdoor advertising digital billboards.

Model Hercules6.8 Hercules10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.8 10
Panel Resolution 176*176/176*132/132*132 120*120/120*90/90*90
Panel Size (mm) 1200*1200/1200*900/900*900
Panel Weight (kg/m2) ≤27
Module Size (mm) 300*300 300*300
Module Resolution 44*44 30*30
Brightness (nits) 7000-10000 7000-10000
Panel Material Aluminum Profile
Serviceability Front/Rear
* Please kindly note that product specifications may vary according to different configurations. All rights reserved.

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