Indoor Naked-Eye 3D LED Display
BIM MIN Series (Curved Cabinet)

Indoor Naked-Eye 3D LED Display 

Unlock New Possibilities

Want to captivate and engage with your customers through more realistic and memorable content? Want to tell your business’ story through high-impact, visual messaging? Want to make your brand and products catch on?

Liantronics indoor commercial glasses-free 3D LED display offer your business a trigger to impress your audience and make your content go viral. Whether you’re trying to deliver a better in-store experience, valuable information & effective advertise, or improve your brand value, we always have a solution for you.

Flexible Modules, Smooth Splicing

Designed with flexible modules, the BIM MIN Series (curved cabinet) achieves more smooth splicing to perfectly adapt to your space.

Curve to Impress

To provide more possibilities, BIM MIN Series panels are specially curved into concave, convex, and column shapes.

Mixed Splicing for Unlimited Creative Splicing

The upgraded BIM MIN Series supports seamlessly splicing with the BIM Plus Series, which helps achieve various shapes, such as indoor glasses-free 3D creativity.

Mixed Splicing for “THE WOW” 3D Display

BIM MIN allows a special “W” shape to form the “THE WOW” 3D display, featuring a “W”ave curve, a “W”ow effect, and a “W”ell engage.

Winner of AV Award 2023

LianTronics “THE WOW” 3D display won “Visual Technology of the Year” at the AV Award 2023.

Front & Rear Maintenance

Receiving cards, power supplies, and modules can all be maintained from the front and the rear.

Model BIM MIN1.9 BIM MIN2.6 BIM MIN3.9
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.9 2.6 3.9
Panel Size(mm) 375*1000*42 / 375*750*42 / 375*625*42
Panel Resolution 192*512/192*384/192*320 144*384/144*288/144*240 96*256/96*192/96*160
Panel Material Steel
Panel Weight (kg/pc) 9.5/7.5/6.5
Brightness (nits) 900 900/3000 900/3000
Serviceability Front
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