Glasses-free 3D

Display Solution


LianTronics provides a one-stop professional glasses-free 3D display solution including LED walls and 3D broadcasting content customization. With years of LED display experience, LianTronics has patented seamless curved surface display technology, which contributes to perfect carriers for 3D delivery without glasses, and meanwhile built up a professional team for 3D video customization. So far LianTronics has conducted 30+ glasses-free 3D projects in 20+ cities with a total area of 20000+sqm.


  • Professional 3D design

    LianTronics has cracked the code of best proportion formula of glasses-free 3D screen to present opitmal visual illusion of 3D effect.

  • Professional LED display

    Patented seamless curved LED corner, ultra-high contrast light-absorbing mask, fully waterproof cabinet, all is to facilitate stunning 3D rendering.

  • Professional encrypted broadcasting

    Secrecy system with multi-encryption of content storage & transmission and multi-audit of broadcasting permission eliminates the risk of content mistransmission.

  • Professional visual effect

    Color accuracy ΔE<2, DCDi™ dynamic technology cooperated with Faroudja, ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale, and more contribute to realistic display effect.

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