Innovative “The WOW” 3D Solution


New Revolution of Glasses-Free 3D Creativity

Usually naked-eye 3D display comes with 3D holographic projection or two-sided shaped screens. However, 3D holographic projection requires high-quality lighting of venues and on the other hand delivers poor clarity of visuals that lacks 3D immersion. The LED-presented 3D display solves the problems of poor visuals but is restricted to regular two-sided L shapes, in which the two screens create only one single cross-screen virtual 3D performance space that narrows 3D viewing angle and 3D content creativity.

LianTronics has got an insight into the display algorithm of the glasses-free 3D creative display, and utilizes its own strengths in innovation, brand, project experience and technologies to create “The WOW” glasses-free 3D solution, providing a turnkey solution including LED wall and 3D content customization.


3 “W” Advantages


    ● 7-sided seamless LED display with unique “W” shape

    ● Smooth concave & convex LED corners

    ● Optimum length-width ratio of the whole LED screen


    ● Multi-dimensional cross-screen virtual performance spaces

    ● Ingenious parallax barriers for strong stereo-perception

    ● Maximize 3D effect viewable angle to reach a sensory comfort


    ● Extreme-high-resolution multi-dimensional virtual world

    ● Incredible naked-eye 3D effect for immersive interaction

    ● Deeper immersion experience with integration of IoT, VR, AR, etc.

1+1>2 Integration Dominance

More Than 3D Content Customization: LianTronics not only builds up a professional 3D content production team to perfectly combine customers’ requirements and 3D models into creative and impressive visuals, but also reverses the content perspective relationship to deduce the corresponding conversion algorithm model on LED wall structure optimization to maximize the 3D effect.

More Than 3D LED Wall: The whole LED video wall is seamlessly spliced without dark lines or bright lines. Adjustable modules are attached compactly to present extreme-smooth curvature for the optimal 3D effect.


“The WOW” 3D Solution utilizes multi-dimensional performance space and glasses-less 3D creativity to visualize sophisticated and iconic content immersively and intuitively. It can be well applied in various kinds of showrooms, galleries, museums, memorials, etc. Contact us to explore more possibilities!

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