Offer You Visual Feast: LianTronics Brings Stunning “THE WOW” 3D Solution to Integrate Middle East 2023

2023-05-16 2457

Integrate Middle East 2023,the premier forum and sourcing platform for the global professional AV & Media Technology community, is held as scheduled during 16-18, May in Dubai World Trade Center. During the three-day exhibition, LianTronics brings a visual feast to attendees spanning the gamut from attention-grabbing indoor“THE WOW” 3D Solution to virtual production solution, self-developed COB technology, etc.

Here are some of the highlights that LianTronics showcases at Integrate Middle East 2023. More information about LED products and solutions is shown as follows.

Eye-catching“THE WOW” 3D Solution

LianTronics creative indoor naked-eye 3D solution--“THE WOW” 3D Solution fits well in enterprise showrooms, art exhibitions, product launches, education, and other applications. Since debuting,“THE WOW” 3D Solution always draws a magnet from visitors with a unique“W” shape. The unique structure combines with a 7-sided seamless LED display to form multi-dimensional cross-screen virtual performance spaces, which can maximize the 3D effect to realize sensory comfort. It successfully integrates various technical means for a brilliant“W”ow visual effect. Compared with traditional 3D displays,“THE WOW” 3D Solution can further strengthen immersive interaction with audiences namely it can deliver a deeper immersion experience with the integration of IoT, VR, AR, etc.

It is worth mentioning that LianTronics“THE WOW” 3D Solution owns 1+1>2 integration dominance. LianTronics not only provides innovative 3D video walls but also delivers stunning 3D content customization. LianTronics professional 3D content production team with rich experience can perfectly combine customers’ requirements and 3D models into creative and impressive visuals.

Hollywood-grade Virtual Production LED Display Solution

LianTronics showcases an immersive LED virtual studio solution that can be well applied in film production, product launches, e-sports, games, online education, etc. LianTronics virtual production solution can present a stunning in-camera effect. 144Hz frame rate meets the exacting standards of high-frame-rate shooting scenes while simultaneously ensuring smooth and clear broadcasting. 7680Hz super-high refresh rate completely removes scanning lines and the flickering effect. 22-bit grayscale refinement offers precise, detail-rich tones, clarity, and sophistication even in low ambient lighting. 


State-of-the-art COB technology

LianTronics exhibits its latest self-developed COB technology at booth AR-F10. As one of the earliest manufacturers to deploy Mini/Micro LEDs, LianTronics successfully developed IMD-packaged Vmini Display Technology for <P0.7 LED products in 2018 and in 2021 moved forward to COB-oriented Vmicro Display Technology. This exhibition adopts LianTronics VT Series with ultra-finer pixel pitch below 1.0mm to produce crystal-clear images free of moire pattern. Adopted common cathode technology and high-efficiency light-emitting chips reduce power consumption by 40%; Besides, attach-to-shell power supply and optimal circuit board layout bring excellent heat dissipation, lower surface temperature, and more stable operation.


LianTronics’ impressive visual feast in the exhibition is inseparable from its local warehouses, local offices, and local showrooms around the world. To permeate the global market to offer better service to customers, LianTronics is always committed to strengthening its service network by localization.

Integrate Middle East 2023 is in full swing and LianTronics’ team looks forward to meeting you at booth AR-F10! 

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