LianTronics Supplies Stadium Perimeter LED Screens for 2024 UEFA Champions League Final

2024-06-02 462

LianTronics has provided 350 square meters of stadium perimeter LED screens for Wembley Stadium, which has just hosted the 2024 UEFA Champions League final successfully.


As the most iconic professional stadium in Europe, Wembley Stadium boasts a capacity of 90,000 people and is revered as the heart of football. Over the years, it has undergone gradual renovations and upgrades, with LianTronics playing a part in its enhancement. LianTronics stadium LED screens have delivered stunning visual effects and successfully supported important events like the Champions League final, the FA Cup final, and the European Cup final.


LianTronics products offered an amazing viewing experience for spectators and fans worldwide. The personalized LED sports event solutions such as 7680Hz high refresh rate, 6000 nits brightness and 140° horizontal view have greatly increased the aesthetic enjoyment of sporting events, perfectly meet the streaming and broadcasting needs.


LianTronics has contributed a variety of LED screen solutions for big sporting events and stadiums including the Parc Olympique Lyonnais, the Saudi Arabia Professional League, the ICC Cricket World Cup and the FIFA World Cup. Combining LED product design with sportsmanship, LianTronics is committed to providing high-tech display screens for a wider range of sports activities.

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