VTⅡ Series  

Next-Generation Vmicro Display Technology for Micro LED

LianTronics VTⅡ Series COB LED Display

Micro LED Display

Vmicro Display, Upgraded Visual Experience

Optical surface treatment technology allows ultra-high ink color consistency and contrast ratio to present pure black colors & bright colors.

LianTronics Vmicro Display Technology adopts FCOB craftsmanship to realize a 170+°wide viewing angle and more detailed presentation.

Anti-reflection & Moiré-free Comfort

Multi-level grayscale calibration technology supports grayscale refinement for smooth color transition and extreme-high image uniformity.Anti-reflection screen surface also prevents the moiré pattern to reproduce accurate colors.

Super Energy Saving, Excellent Heat Dissipation

Unique energy-saving technology with a common cathode drive can cut power consumption by 40%; Optimum power supply and circuit layout enable excellent heat dissipation to maintain uniform display under the same brightness for a lower temperature, which is close to human body temperature.

Comprehensive Eye Protection Solution

Considerate eye-protective designs support soft light with low blue light, low radiation, zero-noise, and low temperature rise to avoid visual fatigue while watching for long time.

Higher Protection for More Reliable Performance

LianTronics FCOB craftsmanship provides effective protection for screen surface to avoid LED collisions; Meanwhile, the LED surface enables IP65 high protection and even allows wiping.

5G Faster Transmission

LianTronics launches the state-of-the-art 5G signal transmission system to lead Micro LED & 8K+ display market, which can realize higher transmission efficiency and accelerate installation by reducing hardware devices while improving display stability.

Quadruple Backup, Stable Operation

VTⅡ Series allows multiple backups including power, receiving cards, power cables, & signal cables to ensure never a blackout. A plug-in integrator between cabinets can guarantee more stable operation.

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