Shine Pro Series

High-stability Outdoor Rental LED Display

Shine Pro Series

High-stability Outdoor Rental LED Display

Easier & Faster Installation

Shine Pro Series with considerate details facilitates high-speed installation & labor-saving set-ups.

Convenient Maintenance

Module: front & rear maintenance
Power supply box: rear maintenance
Universal power supply box: only one kind of spare parts

High Stability

Integrated fully die-casting aluminum panels for high precision
Hanging (TUV tensile test) and stacking (compression test) with 2-in-1 bars
Maximum hanging height is 15m (only panels) and 10m (panels with wind frame)

Wind-resistant Frame

Climbable aluminum-alloy wind-resistant frame 
Easy to assemble/disassemble from panels 
TUV Wind Resistance Test (Typhoon Level 8, Wind Speed 20m/s)
Avoid screen’s swinging while hanging and as one of the back shelves while stacking

Seamless Curved Splicing

Standard arc lock:±2.5°/0/±5°, Optional arc lock: ±3°/0/±6°
A smaller arc lock, a larger radius, and more spaces
A smaller arc lock, no white line and dark line, better visual

Convenient Transportation Solution

Dolly solution: weight 128 kg with 12 panels capacity
40HQ container: accommodate 40 Dollies, i.e. 480 panels

Model Shine Pro2.9 Shine Pro3.9
Shine Pro4.8
Pixel Pitch 2.9 3.9 4.8
Panel Size W*H*D (mm) 500*500*74/500*1000*74 500*500*74/500*1000*74
Panel Resolution W*H 168*168/168*336 128*128/128*256
Panel Material
Die-Casting Aluminum
Die-Casting Aluminum
Die-Casting Aluminum
Weight (Kg/pc) 8.7/14 8.7/14 8.7/14
Brightness (nits) 4500 5000 5000
Serviceability Rear

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