Innovative "THE WOW" 3D Solution to Showcase at ISLE2023

2023-03-31 1427

More Than LED Screen & 3D Content

outdoor 3d led wall

LianTronics has got insight of the display algorithm of glasses-free 3D LED wall and 3D content customization, and utilize its own strengths in innovation, brand, project experience and technologies to create “The WOW” glasses-free 3D solution.

The LianTronics Difference

Innovation: 1st wavecurved 3D solution in the industry

Brand: 20+ years LED industry’s experience

Project: 30+ glasses-less 3D projects with total 20,000+ square meters

Technology: 5 upgrades of naked-eye 3D LED display algorithm

3“W”s Creativity Advantages


7-sided seamless LED display with unique “W” shape

Smooth concave & convex LED corners

Optimum length-width ratio of the whole LED screen


Multi-dimensional cross-screen virtual performance spaces

Ingenious parallax barriers for strong stereo-perception

Maximize 3D effect viewable angle to reach a sensory comfort


Extreme-high-resolution multi-dimensional virtual world

Incredible naked-eye 3D effect for immersive interaction

Deeper immersion experience with integration of IoT, VR, AR, etc


1+1>2 Integration Dominance

More Than 3D Content Customization

Professional Team: Self-owned professional 3D content production team with rich experience.

Creative Content: Perfectly combine customers’ requirements and 3D model into creative and impressive visuals.

Advanced Algorithm: Reverse optimization on curved LED wall structure to achieve the most “3D” effect.

More Than 3D LED Wall

Seamless Splicing: The whole LED video wall is seamlessly spliced without dark lines or bright lines.

Smooth Curving: Adjustable modules are attached compactly to present extreme-smooth curvature.

Optimal 3D Effect: Accurate pixel distribution around the curved corners to maximize 3D effect.

Considerate One-stop Service

Pre-sale Service: Project plan, structural design safety, integration with buildings, etc.

Solution Customization: Professional & customized LED screen solutions.

3D Video Production: Idea generation, video scrip, final work output, etc.

Installation Instruction: On-site instruction, online installation training & debugging.

Co-promotion: Co-promotion and event to show offline & online brand voice.

After-sale Service: Long-period warranty, 24/7 service helpline, & within 2h response time.

Product Showcase for Enterprises

New products, like automobiles, electronics or even games, can be presented in the “W”-shaped stage to deeply impress views with multi-dimensional light and sound power.

Cultural Relics Display for Musuem

Let the “sleeping” historical relics "wake up"! “THE WOW” Solution offers a new attempt to digital museums and a new experience to audience to perceive the charm of cultural relics immersively.

Art Exhibitions for Galleries

Bring the art to life. “THE WOW” stage as a perfect digital carrier extends more possibility to present the exhibits. It transforms silent and static artworks into dynamic and vibrant images to amplify aesthetic expression.

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