LianTronics Unique-style Commercial LED Screens Foster Top-notch Cinema City in Sharjah

2023-03-14 3548

LianTronics multiple sets of commercial LED displays light up for celebrating the opening of cinema city in Sharjah on February 15th, 2023. The cinema city, located in Rahmania Mall, Sharjah, has recently become the mall’s latest landmark with an impressive range of entertainment and provided an excellent cinematic experience for audiences.

The manager of Rahmania Mall announced that the cinema city has recently been opened to serve the Rahmania community and the neighboring areas. Since opening, cinema city has gradually received many clients.

With the opening of the cinema, LianTronics 50 square meter commercial LED displays appear in the public. This project consists of 5 unique-styled LED screens including a wave-curved LED display, an L-shaped LED display, and 3 another rectangular LED screens. Let us return to the scene.

Directly opposite the mall are 2 LED screens to broadcast film teasers, which adopt LianTronics flagship BIM Plus Series LED display. Located in the middle of the resting area, the two screens can be used to promote popular films while audiences are waiting.

There is a bar next to the lounge area for customers to order their food or drink. Overhead the bar, a unique-designed curved LED display is shining because of its visual identity of the “CINEMA CITY” through splendid and colorful animations. This curved LED screen is nearly symmetrical from left to right, looking like a slender and winding ribbon. The uniqueness of this screen is not only in its curved symmetrical shape but also in its products, namely that it is spliced together by LianTronics BIM Plus Series and BIM MIN Series LED displays. LianTronics multiple series of commercial LED screens support mixed splicing, which helps achieve various shapes and seamless and smooth playback to present vivid and sharp images.

Behind the bar, a slim and long LED screen is showing the menu of food. BIM Plus Series with a 3840Hz refresh rate and 8000:1 contrast ratio can clearly present the combo information of popcorn and drink. 

On the right of the bar, an L-shaped LED screen is also broadcasting film messages or teasers to engage passengers’ attention. The screen is installed by BIM Plus Series as well, which enables seamless right-angle splicing and wall-mounting installation.

It is particularly honored for LianTronics team to design distinct and sundry LED displays to modernize the new cinema city in Sharjah. Until now, LianTronics has rich experience in offering many superb commercial LED screens and services for cinemas, retail stores and shopping malls. In 2023, LianTronics is enthusiastic about integrating its professional products and services into all round the world and showing its best-in-class visual technologies to global clients.

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