Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Screen
LWWG Series

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Supple and lightweight High Brightness LED Mesh Screen | bendable lightweight LED video mesh display
Flexible Shape, Various Applications

Supple and lightweight design allows for easy bending, folding and hanging, and optimum adaptability to different applications.

Energy Efficiency LED Mesh Screen | Colorful Advertising LED Board| | China grille led display Manufacturers
High Transparency & Energy Efficiency

Compact mesh design brings good air circulation and transparency up to 85%, further enhancing heat dissipation and energy efficiency.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Buckle design between modules makes installation easier and faster; Detachable LED strips and pixels simplify maintenance process.

IP67 high protection outdoor billboards | outdoor digital sign
All-Weather Protection

IP67 high protection allows long-term broadcast reliability in harsh environment like thunderstorms, dust, and static.

Model LWWG55
Pixel Pitch (mm) 55
Panel Size W×H (mm) 440*4400
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 8*80
Panel Material Acrylic and Silicone
Panel Weight (kg/㎡) 4
Brightness (nits) 2500
Serviceability Front
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