METAGO -- LT196 Widescreen
The Integrated LED Display Terminal

All-in-One LED Screen

Present Intelligently. Work Efficiently.

Vision Widens, Enjoyment Doubles

32:9 ultra-wide giant screen draws the audience's attention effortlessly and allows multi-content presentation in high clarity at a glance.

Hassle-free Fast Installation

High-precision segmented display units allow rapid installation with fast locks and magnetic assistance. With friendly hanger at the back, the lightweight LED screen can be easily mounted to the wall.

Excllent Heat Dissipation

Aluminum-made cabinets with striped patterns imporve heat dissipation efficiency for higher stability.

Unique lnkjet & Nano-Coating Technologies, Superior Visuals & Protection

Patented Smart lnkjet 3.0 Craftsmanship greatly improves the contrast of the entire screen to produce unrivalled outstanding visuals. Unique Nano-Coating Technology grants macromolecule nanopolymer protective for extra safeguard against moisture, dust, water, etc.

Model LT196
Display Aspect Ratio (inch) 196
Size WxH (mm) 4815*1485
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 3840*1080
* Please kindly note that product specifications may vary according to different configurations. All rights reserved.

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