SLR Series

Ultra-slim Outdoor LED Ribbon Board Display

Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Supple and lightweight High Brightness LED Mesh Screen | bendable lightweight LED video mesh display

Ultra-slim, Lightweight & Cost Saving

25Kg/m2 cabinets with 112mm thinness only greatly diminish the load-bearing pressure and save costs.


Energy Efficiency LED Mesh Screen | Colorful Advertising LED Board| | China grille led display Manufacturers


Stunning Display, Marvelous Performance

3840Hz high refresh rate and 8000:1 contrast ratio present perfect in-camera visuals. 5500nits brightness supports the astonishing display even in the strong sun.


Efficient Dissipation & Protection for High Stability

With enlarged cooling area for excellent heat dissipation and IP65 rated protection from both the front and rear, SLR series LED ribbon display maintains highly stable running in outdoors.

IP67 high protection outdoor billboards | outdoor digital sign

Quick Installation & Considerate Top Maintenance

Support fast installation through upper and lower connecting plates and special top maintenance to improve servicing efficiency.


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