VAⅡ Series(Front / Rear Maintenance) 

Front / Rear Maintainable Fine-Pitch LED Display

Front / Rear Maintainable Fine-Pitch LED Display

Front / Rear Serviceability for Multi-scene Adaptation

Support full front and rear installation and maintenance to fulfill the needs of various scenes.

Ingenious Design, Fast Operation

Speeding up the operation, VAⅡ Series features a lightweight tri-fold back shell that allows for quick installation and maintenance without completely removing the back shell. What's more, flame-retardant back shell embeds with implicit cooling holes for more considerate design.

Intelligent Monitoring & Calibration

Test button, indicator light and optional smart module function help smart monitoring and calibration of the LED display. Extra LCD panel is in option to bring instant monitoring data.

Stunning Visuals

With a wide color gamut, high contrast, and ultra-wide viewing angle, VAⅡ Series allows detailed image presentation that restores the most true-to-life colors. It also supports HDR and 3D display to suit different needs.

Integrated, Stable and Reliable

Modules are connected with gold finger connectors for higher stability. One-piece die-cast aluminum frame delivers higher integration with reliable quality. Support power supply, receiving card & hub board integrated into one board for fast disassembly as a whole.

Multiple Backups, Upgraded Safeguards

VAⅡ Series supports double backup of power supply, receiving cards, power lines, and signal lines to ensure long-term operation without blackout. It also supports power sharing backup scheme for lower costs that when the power of one panel fails, the adjacent panels can temporarily supply power to avoid blackouts.

Model VAⅡ0.9 VAⅡ1.2 VAⅡ1.5
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.9 1.2 1.5
Panel Size(mm) 600*337.5 600*337.5 600*337.5
Panel Resolution 640*360 480*270 384*216
Panel Material Die-casting Aluminum+Plastic Back Shell Die-casting Aluminum+Plastic Back Shell Die-casting Aluminum+Plastic Back Shell
Panel Weight (kg/pc) 4.8 4.8 4.8
Brightness (nits) 600 600 600
Serviceability Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
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