VAⅡ Series 

Fine-Pitch LED Display

High Stability, High Clarity, High Protection

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Upgraded High-Protection Fine-Pitch Video Wall Screens

16:9-golden-ratio small-sized panel 

8:9 larger RGB panel for faster assembly 

Multiple optimizations for protection & stability upgrade

FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls
High-Definition Splicing

Two-sized panels allow up-and-down mixed assembly to achieve mainstream FHD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls with pixel-to-pixel broadcasting.

All-Around Protection digital display board
All-Around Protection

Fully sealed cabinet with nano-coating craftsmanship improves resistance capabilities against dust, salt spray, moisture, etc.

creative digital billboards
Aesthetics & Scientifility into One

Built-in power supply attaching to aluminum back shell brings excellent heat dissipation; meanwhile, the external thermal slots with geometrical aesthetics further expand the cooling area.

Hassle-Free LED Display Installation & Maintenance
Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance

Support both front and rear installation while fully front-accessible serviceability makes more friendly maintenance and saves your space.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Monitoring & Calibration
Intelligent Monitoring & Calibration

Optional LCD panel brings instant monitoring of cabinet operation; real-time monitoring, production information tracking and calibration retrieval of modules can all be realized.

fine pitch led video wall with stable performance
More Stable Performance

Multiple internal structural designs assist in doubling transmission stability and also stabilizing the finished fine-pitch LED video wall overall working performance.

Model VAⅡ0.9 VAⅡ1.2 VAⅡ1.5 VAⅡ1.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.9 1.2 1.5 1.8
Panel Size W*H*D(mm) Small-Sized Panel:600*337.5*60  / Large-Sized Panel:600*675*60 
Small-Sized Panel Resolution(W*H) 640*360 480*270 384*216 320*180
Large-Sized Panel Resolution(W*H) 640*720 480*540 384*432 320*360
Panel Material Die-casting Aluminum
Weight(Kg/pc) Small-Sized Panel: 6 / Large-Sized Panel: 10
Brightness (nits) 600
Serviceability Front
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