VMAX Series

1080P Fine-Pitch LED Display

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Bigger, Thinner & Lighter

Unique 1080P-vertical-resolution LED display

Design for fast assembly of HD-resolution LED video walls

Simplified structure for friendly transportation, rapid installation and maintenance, saving for cost and installation space

Easy Installation |ultra thin led wall panel | indoor led screen | fine pitch LED video wall
Ultra-Friendly Installation

Optimized product design simplifies mounting structure and installation process to reduce material and labor costs; Ultra-thin larger cabinets are mounted onto walls well to save more space.

FHD LED display | HD led wall | led screen for advertising
Easy-to-Splice HD Resolution

Larger cabinets support vertical 1080P standard resolution to achieve FHD splicing in various scenarios such as a meeting room, exhibition hall, etc.

 high contrast ratio LED video wall | led display board | smart inkjet technology
Stunning Visual Effect

Unparalleled high contrast ratio and 3840Hz high refresh rate contribute to vibrant & crisp images and ultimate viewing comfort.

All-Around Protection led display | moisture-proof video wall | static-proof led led sign board
All-Around Protection

Fully sealed aluminum cabinet with optional nano-coating craftsmanship builds an all-around shield against dust, moisture and “caterpillar” failure, etc.

Model VMAX1.2 VMAX1.5 VMAX1.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.2 1.5 1.8
Panel Size W×H (mm) 600*1350 600*1687.5 600*2025
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 480*1080 384*1080 320*1080
Panel Material Aluminum
Panel Weight (kg/㎡) 20 25 30
Brightness (nits) 600
Serviceability Front
* Please kindly note that product specifications may vary according to different configurations. All rights reserved.

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