Join Hands with Tencent! LianTronics Have Witnessed the Build-up of the World's Largest Office Building


Recently, Tencent staff have settled in their new headquarters in Beijing which was under years of construction. LianTronics, with great honor, has lighted up its customized LED screens for Tencent to celebrate the official opening of this largest office building in the world.

Tencent's new Beijing headquarters is located in Dongbeiwang West Road of Haidian District, covering an area of 334,000 square meters. In general shape of cuboid, this extraordinary architecture presents a unique aesthetics of stability and strength through its concise structure. The bottom corners of the cuboid building are cut to open entrances for employees, visitors and corporate VIPs respectively, which create a special visual effect that the architecture is lightsome to rise from the ground.

LED screens for Tencent

Wonderful Hall + Movable LED

As the core of Tencent's cultural innovation, Tencent Beijing office tries to convey every enterprise vision message from all construction details. As soon as you enter the hall, the strategic slogan of “Improving Human Life Quality Through Internet Services” pops up and catches visitors' eyes. Beneath the slogan is an outstanding“Big Dipper” chart outlined by different industries, which shows the grand prospect of this international company. In order to meet the special visual requirements of the hall, the creative display wall is designed with a large hoisting slide structure to be installed behind wooden textured plexiglass to present the content through the translucent material. This innovative slide design realizes the parallel movement of the panel and moreover enables more convenient maintenance.

LED display solution

P0.9 Ultra-fine-pitch Wall Landed in Tencent Showroom

In Tencent's brand showroom, a UHD P0.9 fine-pitch LED display solution -- exclusively provided by LianTronics -- is perfectly unveiled. This system adopts LianTronics hot-selling VA0.9 panels and features super 4K resolution with exquisite and vivid display effect. Thanks to the low-brightness and high-grayscale technology, ultra high refresh rate and nanosecond-level rapid response, the video wall can bring splendid pictures in high scientific and technological sense, decorating the brand hall and on the other hand highlighting the international status of an Internet industry pioneer.

fine-pitch LED display

Large HD LED Screen to Create 3D Space

The audio-visual room of Tencent's new Beijing headquarters is quite creative that it is made up with a star sky ceiling and planet surrounding walls. In the center of the room is a 26㎡ UHD P0.9 big screen made by LianTronics. The perfect combination of seamless splicing display technology and futuristic sci-fi pictures in the audio-visual room leads people to the vast unknown universe.

0.9 led screen

Gui'an Seven Star Data Center with Virtual Realization

In Big Data Expo of last year, the Seven Star Green Data Center in Gui'an New District -- the world's safest big data center created by Tencent -- successfully attracted countless well-known media shots. A sand table model of miniature landscape of Gui'an Seven Star Data Center is also showcased in the exhibition hall. Adopted LianTronics P0.9 fine-pitch products as well, this project is skillfully in use of refraction to demonstrate images in different ways. With sound and other visual elements combined, a diversified virtual realization application terminal is born to take on every details of the data center.

Gui'an Seven Star Data Center

AI Simultaneous Translation

A creative strip-type screen powered by Tencent AI language translation system shows 12 different languages of the world in Tencent exhibition hall. It allows the visitors to experience the borderless communication by simultaneous translation, providing a more intuitive and unique method to show Tencent's advanced translation product.

Clear Hit Shows Status Are Performed in Tencent IP Factory

In Tencent IP factory, media play data of hit TV shows is demonstrated on LianTronics HD VA1.2 fine-pitch LED display. Equipped with a refined touch control system, this demonstration panel can realize real-time control of the giant screen,  greatly improving the collaboration efficiency and offering immersive interactive experience.

VA1.2 fine-pitch LED display

This is the second-time cooperation between Tencent and LianTronics after the Shenzhen Tencent Binhai project. With the lighting up of LianTronics jumbo screens in Tencent's Beijing headquarters, LianTronics once again have proved its brand strength with action. As a trustworthy display solution provider, LianTronics will keep moving forward on research and innovation to offer more high-quality products and service to more customers around the world.

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