Unique LED Display has generated at Liantronics Company in 2009


Liantronics Company has developed a new item of energy-saving and environment-friendly led display which can economize 50% energy to traditional one.Typically,it is unnecessary any radiator at installing location of led display(ex: air conditioner) and required energy-saving and environment-friendly as well.

For instance,PH20,Outdoor,full color,100㎡,working 24 hour/day, one year(365days).it should consume fewer hundreds of thousand kilowatt-hour electronical energy annually than traditional one.It would save generally total charge of electronical energy about RMB1,000/㎡ annually

It includes some unique features:

1.single pixel brightness and colorful modification function,brightness uniformity≤5%

2. 64 rank current modifying and inspecting

3. 16 bit data processing,brightness fading is irrespective to grey grade.

4. can not realize any modle segmentation for the new louver design whenever led display is lighting or not.

5. with temperature control function,fan working efficiently

6.upgraded full color led display control system