Liantronics won high praise by Shenzhen mayor in the 11th CHTF


On November 21th, 2009, the 11th CHTF was closed victoriously in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The Organizing Committee gave a dinner for all the exhibitors and visitors. Shenzhen acting mayor Wang Rong, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government executive deputy mayor Xu Qin, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government deputy mayor Chen Ying Chun, attended the dinner.

In the dinner, leaders of the Organizing Committee especially gave Liantronics high praise for offering high-quality LED screens which have the characteristics of high-definition, high-brightness, high-stability and energy-saving. Liantronics has offered PH16 LED display for the 11th CHTF, nearly 240 square meters. And no amazing phenomena appeared , such as blank screen or flicker, during the whole event of the 11th CHTF.