the Foundation Ceremony of Huizhou Jianhe Industrial Zone was


On Feb.10th,2009, the foundation ceremony of Huizhou Jianhe Industrial Zone was held in the west area of Dayawa, Huizhou City. The Chairman, Tiger LIU, and CEO, Mr.Jianyong Xiang, and other directors etc attended this foundation ceremony.

Huizhou Jianhe Industrial Zone is located in the west of Dayawa,Huizhou City, with occupying 376,740sq.ft area. And total construction area is more than 645,840sq.ft. The first phase project will be finished within year 2009. The finished Huizhou Jianhe Industrial Zone will be the main production base for offering the LED display with hi-tech, hi-productivity, hi-quality.

The Chairman of LCJH, Tiger Liu, declared the foundation ceremony. The world biggest LED display production line will be built in our Huizhou Jianhe Industrial Zone.

To construct our new Industrial Zone in Huizhou, not only bring long the local economic development, but also step into a new phase for LCJH. The productivity of LCJH will be the world top 1.

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