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32:9 Innovative Size Energizes More Creativity

Parallel 2 FM panels to achieve 16:9 popular resolution just right. The 32:9 innovative panel size can realize more creativities like windmill, dislocation, L-shape, heart shape, etc.

FHD Vivid Broadcasting Increase Foot Traffic

Bright and sharp dynamic images in high clarity as always draw more attention from passers-by, making your store eye-catching inside and out.

Wider Viewing Angle Captures More Attentions

160° super wide viewing angle covers more viewers and keeps your potential customers with you longer.

Ultimate Thin & Light Design Saves Your Space

Installed with a thickness of only 50mm, the 7kg FM panel with no back structure causes no load-bearing problem to any existing wall.

Smart Module & System Simplifies Digital Visualization

Modules work independently so the screen will keep running even if single module fails. Calibration can be done automatically instead of manually after module replacement.

Flexible Application Meets Different Needs

By supporting front & rear installation and serviceability, FM panels can be assembled into different shapes to perfectly fit in various occasions such as retail stores, houses of worship, quick-service restaurant, transportation, etc.

Model FM2 FM3 FM4
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.6 3.2 4.0
Brightness(nits) 800-1000 800-1000(Indoor)
Weight(kg/pcs) 8
Panel Size(inch) 40.31(W)x11.34(H)x1.93(D)
Panel Size(mm) 1024(W)x288(H)x49(D)

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