FL Series

Your Outdoor Narrow Pixel Choice

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Narrow Pixels but Wide Views

Below-PH5mm FL outdoor LED wall generates more exquisite images to deliver your content to more viewers in a 160-degree super wide angle.

High Protections Contribute to Stable Operation

IP65/IP54 high protection resists against fickle weather. Fully waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid deformation.

Ultra Slim & Light Panel Saves Your Cost

70mm thick panel with a weight of 11kg/14kg pushes itself to the limit, which saves the cost of supporting structures and transportation .

Excellent Display Brings Your Content to Life

1920Hz+ refresh rate, uniform color, high contrast ratio and wide color gamut guarantee natural and realistic demonstrations to capture more attention.

2 Optional Panel Sizes Realize More Creativity

Optional panel sizes of 750mm*500mm & 1000mm*500mm enables to match more needs on different occasions.

Model FL3T FL4T
Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.9 4.8
Brightness(nits) 5000 5500
Weight(kg/㎡) 29
Panel Size(inch) 19.68(W)×29.53(H)×2.75(D)
Panel Size (mm) 500(W)×750(H)×70(D)

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