Wing Plus Series

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Unique design in the industry
Wing Plus 500*1000

Light and thin: 14kg/cabinet, 82mm thick Module size 250*250mm
Full die-cast aluminum design (improved strength and accuracy by 0.15mm)

Quick installation and maintenance
Angle lock design

Cabinets feature angle locks, can be spliced to flat, curved or circle screens. The total length for a circle screen is L=0.5*72=36m.

Convenient to assemble, supports modules swapping

Modules can be used on different cabinet sizes customers do not need to purchase a variety of spare modules.
A more convenient maintenance to reduce your costs.

Model Wing Plus 3.9 Wing Plus 4.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.9 4.8
Weight(kg/pcs) 14
Module Size(mm) 250(W)×250(H)