Explore Unlimited Possibilities! LianTronics Showcases Multi-Scenario Display Solutions at ISLE 2021

2021-05-10 2109

ISLE (International Signs & LED Exhibition) finally says hi publicly to visitors on 10th May at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China. To explore more audiovisual possibilities, LianTronics has showcased its latest Vmini Fine-Pitch Display Technology and visualization solutions in application of various scenarios on Booth #10-A02.

Innovative Vmini Display Technology for Finer Pixel Pitch of PH0.Xmm

LianTronics Vmini Display Technology has especially applied flip chip on board package craftsmanship to break through the pixel pitch limit of traditional SMD, IMD and formal chip on board packaging, while further reducing the thickness of the package layer to solve the problem of bright and dark lines between modules. In addition, Vmini Display Technology also adopts a highly integrated Common Cathode drive solution, through which power efficiency can be dynamically adjusted to reduce the energy consumption by more than 40% in general. Vmini Display Technology also produces excellent grayscale performance even under low brightness, which has solved the problem of cross-board coupling to bring more delicate grayscale transition during realistic broadcasting.

High-Resolution Mini LED Visualization Platform for Control Room

The exhibited visualization platform features high resolution of 7680*2160, which can present massive information integrated from different channels dynamically and responsively. It also adopts advanced LianTronics PH0.9mm Mini LED to greatly improve the durability and exquisiteness of display effect of the whole LED wall. LianTronics command center visualization platform has been widely used in the fields of epidemic prevention, emergency response, transportation monitoring, public security, civil air defense, smart city, etc.

All-in-One Display Terminal for Multifunctional Presentation

The new generation of LianTronics all-in-one display terminal (click to learn more) also attracted plenty of eyeballs on site. At this ISLE, LianTronics has showcased two new models of its display terminal series -- LT Series and LTV Series. Integrated with advanced functions like wireless mirroring, interactive writing and video conference into an FHD LED screen, LianTronics all-in-one display terminal highly enhances the collaboration among different parties and enriches the digital delivery of content of various aspects. In particular, the shown display terminal on Booth #10-A02 has upgraded for smart political party construction presentation, which has been integrated with an advanced VR political party exhibition system for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

4K Private Theatre Video Wall

At this exhibition, LianTronics also applies its fine-pitch LED display for VIP theatre solution, presenting a cinema-level visual feast with brand-new experience. The playback screen is assembled by ultra-light and thin LED panels which fit well in different spaces. By adopting LianTronics exclusive Intelligent Inkjet Technology, the contrast ratio of the whole LED wall can be greatly improved, making more delicate picture broadcasting with 110% NTSC color gamut. Matched with 160+° viewing angle and anti-blue light ergonomic design, you can enjoy VIP movie watching with ultimate comfort.


Smart Retail Promotion for Indoors & Outdoors

To match the awakening retailing demands, LianTronics also brings flexible display solutions for smart retailing. The thin and lightweight structure is super friendly for installation in different commercial scenarios. Meanwhile, the unlimited splicing availability enables smooth broadcasting in creative shapes to impressive viewers. With sharp-colored displaying, LianTronics smart retailing display solutions can be well used indoors and outdoors to meet your needs.


To get more information, please feel free to drop by Booth 10-A02 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center during 10th to 13th, May or contact LianTronics for more information.

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