Innovative 3-Sided Lecturing LED Video Screen! LianTronics Education Display Solutions Boost Modernization of Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University

2023-10-13 2257

Since being lit up, LianTronics’ 160 sqm fine-pitch LED displays have been operating stably at Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University to facilitate the new campus’ modernization. Aside from this ground-breaking project, LianTronics has provided countless other institutions worldwide with overwhelming and smart display solutions, including KOC University in Turkey, Raffles Girls’ School in Singapore, New York University Shanghai, Macau University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, etc.

On September 15, 2023, Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University held the first freshman opening ceremony in Hangzhou, China. Located in Hangzhou City, Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University is jointly run by Beihang University and École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC) in France. Embracing the French engineering education system, the school is dedicated to cultivating well-rounded talents with innovative and international mindedness, which symbolizing another new Sino-foreign cooperative university added in China.

LianTronics’ 5 sets of fine-pitch LED screens comprehensively upgrade the school’s educational system. The solutions deploy LianTronics’ fine-pitch LED screens -- VMQ Series, in a three-sided-LED-video-wall lecture room, a meeting room, a training room, a lecture theater, and the library, respectively. What distinguishes the solutions is a nearly 100-square-meter three-sided LED screen with two right angles that is wall-mounted in the round classroom. The three-sided LED screen consistently presents vivid and crystal-clear images or videos to suit special three-direction teaching needs. It is worth noting that LianTronics’ VMQ Series LED display features a 3840Hz refresh rate, smart brightness, chroma correction, 160°wide viewing angle, and quick response to dynamic pictures, contributing to exquisite presentations as always. What’s more, the creative design not only closes the distance between teachers and students but also increases class interaction and fun.

Apart from the three-sided round classroom, the remaining 4 sets of fine-pitch LED screens are applied in a meeting room, a training room, a lecture theater, and the library to upgrade the university’s educational modernization. These education display solutions adopt LianTronics’ patented Six-Dimensional Minitrim Technology to ensure the screens’ ultra-high flatness for excellent viewing experiences. Furthermore, LianTronics Nano-Coating Craftsmanship offers complete dust-proof and moisture-proof protection to prevent LED “caterpillar” failures while preserving stunning and captivating display effects.

LianTronics is delighted to provide smart display solutions to the Zhongfa Aviation Institute of Beihang University as part of its educational modernization efforts. With 20+ years of industry-leading experience, LianTronics is well-positioned to lead smart education displays. In general, LianTronics maintains a steady pace of supplying professional products and considerate services to global customers.

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