LianTronics 2000sqm Glasses-free 3D Video Walls Celebrate Chinese New Year

2021-02-25 20732

Right ahead the Chinese New Year on 12th February 2021, a set of 2000sqm glasses-free 3D video walls was lighted up in Chongqing, China, including a 1200sqm L-shaped LED wall from which a 3D “Cyborg” robot flies out to contribute to a magnificent light show. This set of 3D video walls was specially built by LianTronics to catch up the celebration of Chinese New Year and made its debut on China Central Television (CCTV).

Wrapping the façade of Chongqing MICC Building, this giant L-shaped LED wall faces right in front of a crossroad in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing. As soon as it was firstly lighted up on 9th February, it has grabbed massive attention as part of a light show in celebration of Chinese New Year in Chongqing. With vivid 3D effect, the video wall also made a warm greeting to audience nationwide on CCTV news next day.

LianTronics Jumbo-Sized 3D LED Wall in Chongqing Debuts in China Central Television (CCTV)

“To achieve optimal viewing coverage and best visual effect, this LED screen particularly adopts seamless corner modules”, said Xiaohua Lu, Sales Director of Southwest China Region in LianTronics. “Along with ultra-high brightness and contrast ratio, the 3D video wall can reach bright-colored broadcasting no matter in day or at night.”

3D Chinese Dragon Appears on LianTronics LED Wall in Celebration of Chinese New Year


“This project is called ‘Light of Chongqing’. Besides the L-shaped 3D video wall, we have got another 800sqm LED screen on the other side of the Building. As it occupies the core place of Chongqing airport business district, where meets huge traffic of 15,000 vehicles per hour and 300,000 passengers per day from the main road back and forth the airport and rail station, the linkage of the dual DOOH LED walls can perfectly catch the visitors from different directions.”


Another 800sqm LianTronics DOOH Screen on the Other Side of Chongqing MICC Building, Showing “I Love Chongqing” in Abbreviation


It’s worth mentioning that this project was completed in 30 days only from production to operation. “We have received the order at the very beginning of January and been asked to light up the LED walls before 10th February. There are no more than 40 days for us, which greatly challenge our supply chain, manufacturing capability and construction speed. At the same time, we need to overcome the difficulty of working aloft with uncertainties like poor weather, pandemic and Spring Festival travel rush.” added Lu.

This is another giant glasses-free 3D video wall from LianTronics after the social-media-viral 3D LED Spaceship project in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. At the same time, another 1200sqm 3D LED ceiling was just completed in Xi’an Joy City Shopping Mall to say hello publicly before Chinese New Year. “LianTronics is always devoting himself to visual innovation. In combination of advanced technologies, we are always ready to offer our best-in-class display solutions to global customers.” said Lu.

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