LianTronics Brings Latest LED Products & Solutions to ISE 2024

2024-01-31 1655

ISE 2024, as the largest AV systems integration show in the world, presents a warm invitation to all suppliers and consumers to get together for communication from Jan 30, 2024 to Feb 2, 2024. LianTronics brings the latest and most distinctive LED products and solutions for various applications covering commercial, rental, sports, transportation, and many more.

Imaginative Commercial Advertising LED Display Solution
Want to capture your customer’s attention at first glance and deliver information quickly with a strong visual impact? Come to the LianTronics booth to find the answer.

At this expo, LianTronics is showcasing a wide range of imaginative commercial display screen forms, such as wing shapes, irregular wavy shapes, Rubik's cube shapes, rectangles, etc., all of which could be perfectly tailored to the demands of consumers in various advertising scenarios. Most of these screens are assembled from LianTronics hot-selling commercial advertising LED Display—BIM Plus-X Series. BIM Plus-X Series has three-sized light and thin cabinets that allow for flexible splicing. In addition, it supports 90° rotation and staggered splicing, as well as mixed splicing with the BIM Plus and BIM MIN series to create unique shapes that save money and space while achieving eye-catching visual effects and improving brand influence.

What's more, LianTronics also brings holographic transparent led screen display to Booth 3A100 & and Booth3A220 with a clear and realistic display effect even.

Impressive xR Staging and Rental LED Display Solution

The application of LED walls in virtual production has been trending, as LED displays feature advantages that traditional green screens cannot compete with. LianTronics offers a complete range of professional virtual production LED display solutions, including an LED floor, two-sided LED backdrop, and auxiliary photography gear. This solution deploys Pilot Pro1.9 Series, which features a smaller pitch and a higher refresh rate, frame rate, and grayscale to provide more exquisite and realistic display performance for applications in virtual production, xR, and film studios. 

It’s worth mentioning that LianTronics brings the latest high-stability outdoor rental LED display —Shine Pro Series, which can be well applied on outdoor stages with high stability, high brightness, and an ultra-fine display.

Outdoor High Brightness Bus Stop Display Solution
LianTronics builds a complete bus stop display solution at its booth. The information display board on the side deployed LianTronics outdoor small-pitch LED display, MPA Mini series. This series utilizes LianTronics patented mask to offer superior screen protection from the sun and rain. Furthermore, super-high contrast ratio, 4500nits high brightness, and 3840Hz high refresh rate guarantee bright, clear, and vivid visual effects for a close-distance information display. In the background of the bus stop is an advertising digital screen made up of BIM Plus Series, which has ultra-sleek and lightweight panels that blend with the wall perfectly to save space and costs.

Indoor Fine-Pitch LED Display Solution

LianTronics also delivers special COB0.7 Mini & Micro LED and VAⅢ1.2 for application scenarios with high requirements on display effects like control room, TV studio, smart transportation, conference room, etc. The COB LED display features superiority such as 40% energy saving, over 170° viewable angle, and >10000:1 high contrast ratio to allow crystal-clear and sharp images. With a 33mm-extreme-thin and 4.5kg/pc lightweight cabinet, VAⅢ Series can be fast and easy to install and maintain, In addition, it also enables 5G transmission to enhance system efficiency to improve display stability.

In addition to the aforementioned cutting-edge products and solutions, LianTronics also showcases other products that the market has requested, such as sports LED displays, super-energy-saving DOOH LED products, and the newest technologies like 5G transmission, module degaussing technology, and HOB packaging technology.

LianTronics has extensive expertise in offering professional display solutions to clients throughout the world. To deliver faster and more convenient service, LianTronics has set up local offices, showrooms, and warehouses in regions including the US, the Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, and so on.

ISE 2024 is in full swing and LianTronics’ team looks forward to meeting you at booth 3A100/3A200/3A220.

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