Liantronics Self-Developed COB LED Display Achieves Scale Production

2022-02-22 2605

Liantronics, the world-leading display solution provider deeply engaging in the LED industry for nearly two decades, last year officially announced the scale production of its self-developed full-flip-chip-on-board (COB) LED display which has evolved into full-fledged production lines. With superior quality, its ultra-fine-pitch LED displays have gained market recognition and more and more worldwide orders. 

ultra-fine-pitch LED displays

LianTronics COB product lines in Huizhou Manufacture Base 

Last year, Jinan Public Security Bureau of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone updated its control room and information center with Liantronics new-generation full filp COB fine-pitch LED displays -- VT series. It features unprecedented broad view with immaculate image quality, ensuring accurate and timely information monitoring. Besides, its ultra-finer pixel pitch produces crystal-clear images in ultra-high resolution and over 10000:1 high contrast ratio for precise vibrant colors, infusing Sci-Fi and futuristic vibe for the whole Bureau.  

LianTronics COB-packaged LED visualization video walls for Jinan Public Security Bureau of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone 

Liantronics has started to develop Mini LED technology before 2017 and successfully made a debut of its first Mini LED product at InfoComm 2018; two years later LianTronics showcased its brand-new P0.9 COB LED wall at Beijing InfoComm China. With more and more orders, LianTronics has acutely perceived the fast-growing needs of LED walls in narrower pixel pitch and decided to extend the product lineup to explore more possibilities of finer-pitch LED video walls through industry-leading technology and successfully built up its own workshop for scale production of self-developed COB LED display at the end of the 2021.  

LianTronics COB product lines in Huizhou Manufacture Base 

Breaking through the limitation of traditional packaging like SMD and IMD, COB packaging craftsmanship enables to achieve ultra-finer pixel pitch far below 1.0mm, with ability to carry smaller-sized chips, which is considered as a key technical prerequisite for future Micro LED products. The mass production of LianTronics’ COB products has set a milestone of the strategic layout of Mini/Mircro LED of the company. 

LianTronics full flip COB LED display 

The mastery of self-developed innovative technologies, world-leading production equipment and skilled professionals has helped Liantronics to gain a permanent foothold in marketplace. With industry-leading levels of display effect, Liantronics is holding dominant position in the fine-pitch LED display industry and driving forward the most advanced LED visual technologies of Mini/Micro LED to the market.  

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