The Biggest Non-Commercial LED Wall in Europe! LianTronics’ Indoor LED Screen Upgrades Information System in the Oslo Central Station

2024-03-07 549

In the first month of 2024, a 126-square-meter LED screen starts operating in the Oslo central station, Norway’s busiest rail hub. LianTronics cooperates with a business partner to provide professional products and services. The solution upgrades the station’s train information system by delivering specific ride information, such as the train’s number, time, and arrival status. As the biggest indoor non-commercial LED video wall in Europe, it comprehensively promotes commuters’ convenience.

Installed directly above the entrance, LianTronics’ indoor LED screen helps commuters position their train details quickly. What makes this screen unique is that it is the biggest one used as a bridge of information in transportation. Nowadays, most LED screens in transportation display advertising. It’s said that the 126 sqm LED screen is the largest one for information display without advertisements in a European railway station.    

What’s more, this huge LED screen allows corner curved splicing to fit in sites. The two wings enable passengers to read travel information from different angles, which effectively boosts the information system for the Oslo Central Station.

This case deploys LianTronics’ BIM Plus-X Series, a hot-selling indoor LED display, whose product design received the Reddot Award in 2023. BIM Plus-X Series has three-size die-casting cabinets to realize flexible splicing. It also supports creative splicing, such as a hexahedron or curved splicing, while ensuring seamless display. What’s more, the screen enables 90° rotation without color cast, which is LianTronics’ unique display technology.  It is worth mentioning that after 90° rotation, the BIM Plus-X Series enables optional wireless connections to remain stable.

It is a wise choice to choose LianTronics’ solutions for your information platform in transportation. LianTronics has professional products and mature solutions but also provides localization services. So far, LianTronics has established local offices, warehouses, and showrooms in the Netherlands, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. Therefore, LianTronics can provide 24/7 services and is always one call away for your needs!

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