LianTronics Top Sales Team Building in Japan


Work hard, play hard! There is a Top Sales Club in LianTronics gathering sales elites. This year, LianTronics Top Sales Club members have set foot on Japan -- the highly advanced manufacturing country -- to in depth explore the craftsmanship spirit of Japanese.

Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory Visit- the Combination of Manufacturing & Branding Into Full Play
Unlike the conventional manufacturing factories in strong industrial style, Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory looks more like a theme park of a fairy tale, which echoing its brand name of "white lover" literally. Among European castle styled buildings lie modernized workshops of chocolate production. The transparently decorated workshop shows the production lines at a glance. The neat and concise working environment, staff in uniform dressing, and fully automated production equipment completely embody the well-organized institutionalized management of this famous chocolate company.

Experience of Uji Teaism & Umemori Sushi -- Inheritance of Craftsmanship and Preciseness
Mitsuboshein Kanbayashi Sannyu has served 16 generations of the shogun family since it was established 500 years ago. In this excellent Uji-cha shop, the Club members have learned about the culture of Uji Teaism and the story of Mitsuboshein Kanbayashi Sannyu on how to extend generation after generation with their craftsmanship and love of Uji tea.

In the well-known Umemori Sushi School, the Club members have also made Sushi by their own hands. From raw material selection, rice cooking, Sushi molding to the finished artwork, Sushi is born after multiple precise processes. In the experience of making Sushi, the passion, preciseness and dedication of Meishou's employees to their work were perfectly felt by every LianTronics sales elite.

"Peace and Happiness Through Prosperity" -- Management Philosophy of Panasonic’s Founder
"Peace and Happiness Through Prosperity", PHP in short, expressing the ultimate ideal to bring peace and fulfillment to human society by assuring both spiritual and material abundance, is the spiritual sublimation of Konosuke Matsushita’s management philosophy. Through decades of corporate operation and management, the founder of Panasonic claims that every employee of the company should take a sense of ownership. To finish the job like a mission, treat people around like customers, learn from the past, collect the group wisdom and stop empty talk. The management philosophy can be interpreted into different ways by action.

With the one-week team building, the LianTronics sales elites have not only increased the sense of belonging to the company, but also got inspiration on how to better realize the value of their roles after exploring the daily aspects of Japanese craftsmanship spirit. Passion, concentration, perseverance of the craftsmanship spirit will come into actions by LianTronicsers in the future.

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