LianTronics & KONKA Have Achieved a Strategic Partnership


On December 17th, 2019, Liantronics has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with KONKA to establish a joint venture, aiming at accelerating the commercialization of Mini and Micro LED solutions. This joint venture company plans 100 million RMB (14.3 million USD) investment, of which KONKA and Liantronics will hold 40% of shares respectively and the rest shares will be held by the core management team. This joint venture is expected to obtain over a billion USD of sales revenue in the next 5 years (2021-2025).

Seize the Opportunity to Lead the New Display Market

With the continuous pursuit of perfect large screen displaying, conventional display technologies can no longer meet the needs of future development. Mini and Micro LEDs, replying on more outstanding display performance on high contrast ratio, low latency, low energy consumption, wide viewing angles, and high resolution compared with conventional LEDs, LCDs and OLEDs, are known as a new generation of display technologies of the industry in the future. In recent years, Mini and Micro LEDs have attracted considerable attention from giants such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, and BOE, who are taking actions to actively explore the market of Mini and Micro LEDs. The future of Mini and Micro LEDs is promising beyond doubt.

In order to seize the opportunities of Mini and Micro LEDs, LianTronics resolutely invested in Mini and Micro LED development and seized every chance to overtake the market. Allying with KONKA, the well-known state-owned enterprise, is a golden opportunity for LianTroncis to complement the technology advantages and preempt the display market in the next generation.

Powerful Alliance to Speed up Commercialization of MiniandMicro LEDs
In October this year, KONKA held a product launch event to officially released its first Micro LED products under the brand name of “APHAEA” and announced the establishment of Chongqing Konka Research Institute, showing the world its technology strength and the determination of Mini and Micro LED market deployment.

As a trustworthy display solution provider, LianTronics have accumulated a decade of LED industry experience, whose products especially fine-pitch displays are industry-leading and earned great reputation around the world. At present, LianTronics has already installed its LED products in 200+ countries and successfully conducted 30,000+ cases worldwide, involving various industries such as government, public security, military, transportation, broadcasting, sports, education, etc. In the future, LianTronics will join hands with KONKA to work together on product development, manufacturing and sales of Mini and Micro LEDs, driving the display industry to go further and further.

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