LianTronics Fine-pitch LED Solution Shown at Inter BEE 2019


Inter BEE 2019 unveiled on 13th November in Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan. It is an international exhibition that brings the latest innovations relating to the content business from Japan and overseas together under one roof as the greatest professional exhibition for audio, video and communications in Japan. In this year’s show, LianTronics has brought its advanced VA1.2 broadcasting solution and its latest super Mini 0.9 LED video wall, which were astonishingly exquisite to impress the visitors of Inter BEE.

VA Series is LianTronics’s superstar product since its launch for its versatile performance. The special fanless ventilate cabinet design allows the VA screen to run without noise but yet with excellent heat dissipation. Its dual redundant power & data function is a guarantee for uninterrupted broadcasting when power supply and transmission failures happen especially for live broadcasting. What’s more, VA Series inherited the LianTronics DNA of excellent display effect so that it can present ultra exquisite images to recreate nature scenes. These outstanding features of VA Series help to conquer the customers that LianTronics VA video walls have been well applied to many studios and command centers around the wall.

Together shown at Booth #6109 with VA broadcasting solution is LianTronics Super Mini 0.9 video wall. This LED wall adopts the industry trending Mini LED technology that it can bear 8 times anti-collision capacity than conventional ones for its 4-in1 packaging structure. Ultra high refresh rate, high contrast ratio and extraordinary high grayscale displaying together contribute unparalleled visual enjoyment to the audience.

The grand exhibition will last until this Friday on 15th November. We have brought ultra-thin and lightweight fine-pitch VF display additionally. Welcome to visit LianTronics at Booth #6109 and explore more.

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