LianTronics Upgrades TVE with Its Fine-pitch Displays


6 new high-resolution LianTronics VH1.4 fine-pitch LED screens have been installed in A1 and A3 studios of TVE, whose parent company is Radio Televisión Española--- the largest audiovisual media in Spain. These screens run well to better present the real and lifelike images of news to the audience worldwide from now on.

LED screens

TVE, short name for Televisión Española, is the national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain. Continuously TVE is working hard to offer more excellent audiovisual experience to the audience. With outstanding product performance and excellent service, LianTronics was honorable to stand out among multiple competitors to provide its high-quality VH1.4 fine-pitch LED displays to renew part of the screens in A1 and A3 studios in Madrid, where TVE’s El Tiempo and Telediario are produced daily and respectively.

LED video walls

These newly installed VH1.4 LED video walls have achieved high-level industry standards for the broadcasting application and enabled to present lifelike seamless broadcasting pictures. They adopt LianTronics unique Intelligent Power Painting Technology for 8000:1 high contrast ratio. The 2000-10000k adjustable color temperature guarantees real color presentation brought from studio camera to television screen in front of the audience. With 3840Hz high refresh rate and 110% NTSC color gamut, these VH1.4 video walls perform stably and perfectly when dealing with dynamic pictures.

The silent operation and neat appearance of VH1.4 LED fine-pitch video walls are impressive on the other hand. The wireless connection of assembled cabinets allows a neatly finished appearance without exposed wires, which adds more modern flavor to the studio. The VH1.4 video walls adopt the communication-grade DC-DC power supply, leading to a more quiet and safer operation.

fine-pitch LED screens

Thanks to the 8:9 cabinet aspect ratio, LianTronics VH series enables to obtain smoother curved splicing than traditional 16:9 ones. LianTronics also newly released the ultra thin & lightweight VF series fine-pitch LED display, providing one more great choice to apply in broadcasting studio, as well as conference room, commanding center, control room, surveillance center and etc.

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