Liantronics have attended the 18th Shanghai International AD & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition


The 18th Shanghai International AD & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 7 to 10. It was sponsored by world Expo group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd, and has timely caught this golden opportunity of duly building a professional trading platform between the buyers and sellers and let them not only share the World Expo but also do the business.

As the top LED display brand in China, Liantronics has attended the Expo with a perfect designed booth, and exhibited several high quality products in the Expo, including: PH16 outdoor full-color display, PH6.09 indoor full color display, PH32-48 double-face mesh display, the contrast cabinet of high-end display and traditional display, LED advertising lighting box, and so on. These products are the industry’s leading products. They have shown many advantages such as high-definition, high contrast and high stability. It is worth mentioning that our led displays are the only one without any dead dot during the whole exhibition period. Otherwise, our contrast cabinet can show power consumption and surface temperature comparison dada between our high-end led display and traditional display. We can clearly see that our energy-saving LED display can save 50% energy more than normal LED display.