LianTronics high-resolution data center visualization platform is widely applied in smart city, smart transportation, smart energy, smart security, and data centers of various industries, presenting all kinds of data aggregation, integrated analysis, dynamic monitoring, threshold warning and real-time operation.

    Integrating communication, command, control & message into one, LianTronics proven display solution for control rooms can present comprehensive information from different channels dynamically, responsively, and precisely for rapid decision making to deal with emergencies and significant events.

    Control Room Display Solution

    Conference display device is important for work efficiency as it collects over 60% perceived information. Based on the most advanced HD technology, LianTronics professional meeting room display solution has provided a smooth "transmission-execution-feedback" commanding process to facilitate a highly efficient meeting.

    LianTronics digital signage display solution adopts affordably and finely crafted advertising LED displays to showcase your content to people passing by in both indoor and outdoor settings. With sharp and bright images, your content will be highlighted to its best advantage.

    With an unparalleled depth of shades, fitting color saturation, sharp and clear picture, full digital processing mode and proven technology, LianTronics dedicated high-resolution broadcasting studio display solution for has become a contemporary TV studio's favorite choice.

    LianTronics provides a one-stop professional glasses-free 3D display solution including LED walls and 3D broadcasting content customization. With years of LED display experience, LianTronics has patented seamless curved surface display technology, which contributes to perfect carriers for 3D delivery without glasses, and meanwhile built up a professional team for 3D video customization. So far LianTronics has conducted glasses-free 3D projects in 11+ cities with a total area of over 8000sqm.

    LED display being applied to create immersive and dynamic backgrounds, the LED virtual studio integrates high-configuration LED walls, camera tracking system and real-time rendering technology, and applies advanced technologies like motion capture, AR & VR, to complete virtual production without chroma keying and costly post-production.

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    In 2020, LianTronics launched the "Sunward Plan" officially to kick off the distribution network development plan worldwide. “Sun” implied in the "Sunward Plan" refers to all distribution partners of LianTronics, towards whom the whole LianTronics team unites together like light-pursuing sunflowers, revolving the splendor from the sun firmly to bloom with brilliance.

To solve scanning line and color blocks problem with professional quality


Not long ago, a technical department leader of a TV station dropped in on Liantronics for a technical problem puzzling them for years, and hoped us give him a perfect solution. The problem is that the TV station started to use PH6mm LED display as stage background of television broadcast Several years ago, but there were many scanning lines in the captured images all the time, it seriously affected the visual effect. No matter how to debug, and our client consulted several LED display manufacturers, the scanning line never disappeared. At last, they customized different pixel pitch LED displays to be tested, but failed.

Liantronics is famous for its high-quality LED display products. To ensure our guest satisfied, we guided him to the finished products aging room and gave him a detailed introduction about that different LED chips, systems and parameter settings can influence the effect of the captured images. After that, we have provided an on-site testing for PH5.08mm led display with different camera equipment, and obtained the following effects before and after improvement:

Before improvement (with low refresh rate of LED display) :The captured image is existing many scanning lines

After improvement (with high refresh rate of LED display): all the scanning lines disappear

This testing result formed a sharp contrast. After a carefully explanation, the guest has understood the factors for the common phenomena of the scanning line and twinkle and know how to avoid these problems.

In fact, Liantronics has provided professional stage display solutions for more than 1000 events and gained 100% success rate. These facts have proved that this scheme is feasible.

As a professional LED display applications leading enterprise, Liantronics is strict at material selection and production quality, and pay more attention to improving the details. Liantronics gradually set up grand prospects of " Liantronics - Professional quality".