Liantronics Seven Tops of the World


The first “3 to 1” full color technology

The “3 to 1” full color technology that Liantronics first developed in the world in 2004 has broken the technological monopoly as well as the price barrier over indoor full color LED displays.

Top of the seven LED wonders in the world

The outdoor full color LED display with an area of 1208 ㎡ in New Giza of Egypt was made by Liantronics in 2008, which ranked first in the seven LED wonders of the world.

The wind vane of energy-saving LED display

The high-end energy-saving display Liantronics first launched in the late of 2008 has become the wind vane of the whole LED industry. The high-end energy-saving display of Dinghao building in Beijing which can save over 1 million kWh every year is a sample project and also the display that can save the most energy in the world.

The largest production capacity

Liantronics Huizhou industrial park was put into production in June, 2011. As a result, the production capacity can reach 10,000㎡ per month which is top 3 in the world, and the production value can reach as high as 2 billion RMB.

The LED display with the most pixels in the world

The ceiling display in Qin Han Tang Emporium with more than 30 million pixels has the smallest pixel pitch and highest definition; its total pixels equal to those of 14 full HD videos (207K, 1920×1080P).

The most cases over 1,000 ㎡(seven)

Lighting Screen of Macau Crown Hotel—1,500㎡

Outdoor Full Color Display in New Giza of Egypt—1208㎡

Curtain Display of Shenzhen Galaxy Century Building—1002㎡

Energy-Saving Display of Beijing Dinghao Building—1200㎡

Modular LED Curtain Display Shennong City Plaza in Zhuzhou —2500㎡ (2pcs)

Ceiling Display of Xi’an Qin Han Tang Emporium—2500㎡

Liantronics display listed in Guinness Book of World Records

Liantronics offered 21pcs of displays for Huang long Cave Theater in Zhangjiajie, and all the displays can move in a combined or separate way, which is listed in Guinness Book of World Records.