Liantronics HD LED Display Supported the Summit Meeting of SCO


The annual summit meeting of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) was held on June 7st, 2012. The meeting discussed the further cooperation between the member countries, exchanged views on regional and international situations, and made an overall plan for the future development of SCO.

Liantronics was assigned to be the LED supplier of this meeting with its high quality products and rich experience. This PH3.81mm display we provided is nearly 80㎡, which is especially outstanding in its contrast and the quality of pictures. The tile designed with unique technology is lightweight and very easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. The display can show clear and vivid pictures, fresh and soft color, as well as stable pictures. The curved design not only makes the whole display beautiful and elegant but also brings a feeling of comfort to viewers.

The engineers of Liantronics are always at service to ensure the smooth display with an attitude of professional and dedicated. Meanwhile, the control computer, controller, distributor, fiber converter, optical fiber, the cable and other devices all have two hot backup systems to make sure the normal operation in case of any malfunction, which greatly improves the security of the whole system.

The display in this project is the first LED indoor product of Liantronics that uses die-casting aluminum frame with CNC high precision machining techniques. It is used in indoor hall, multi-functional conference, performing hall and so on.

The main advantages are as follows:

High resolution and high pixel density, showing the real high definition video

Uniform color and high contrast, ensuring clear and sharp picture

High precision die-casting aluminum tile, achieving high flatness and seamless matching of the whole display

Fan-less design with good dissipation, achieving noise free

Light and slim tile, easy to handle and transport

Hanging pole and side lock design for quick and convenient installation

High stability and reliability, prolonging lifespan of the display