Ten Tips for Outdoor LED Display Maintenance


LED display has become a favorite of outdoor media advertising during these years. Effective maintenance ensures long-term stable operation of outdoor LED displays, so below are ten tips:
1)Switching Sequence
A. Switch on the control computer first, then the LED display,
B. Switch off the LED display first, then the control computer.
2)Replace the fractured or damaged screws, pins, bearing beams, etc in time especially.
3)Inspect anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint of products and steel structure welding point in regular time. If it occurs the situation of flaking or rusting, engineers should spray anti-rust paint in time.
4)The power supply should be stable and well grounded. Do not switch on the LED display in harsh natural conditions, especially in thunderstorms. Inspect the lightning rod and grounding system in regular time.
5)Check if there is any water leakage in rainy season.
6)Check if there is any damage or bite by animals on the power supply or cables in regular time.
7)Check the power distribution system every half year.
8)LED display which exposes to outdoor environment for a long time is easy to get dirty. Use ethyl alcohol or hairbrush or vacuum cleaner to wipe away the dust, but do not use wet cloth.
9)Test switching on, switching off, brightness adjustment, program list and other functions one by one under automatic default mode.
10) Outdoor LED display needs 2 hours or more turn-off intervals, and it needs to be switched on at least one time per week in the rainy season. Besides, it needs to be used at least one time for at least 2 hours per month.
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